Tuesday, May 14, 2013

a & a wools

It is time, friends. Time to cut my losses, shed the deadweight, face the facts, listen to the music, get down to brass tacks, (wo)man up, get on with it, pay the piper...

* le sigh *

Time to admit that I do not have the time I used to. And won't for a while. Time to sell my wool. And my roving. And (sob) my spinning wheel. This means that I am copycatting Tinsley a bit, what else is new, and have set up shop where you and others may go and pick over the luscious fruits of my years of fond acquisitioning. It is alarming how much Malabrigo sock I've been hiding away...

The first installment is up, the rest will be arriving over the next few days at a measured pace, and will eventually include about 90% of my entire yarn and roving stash. You're welcome. All prices are below industry standard to make up for their having been stored in my house rather than being fresh from the shop, though most of it is in brand-spankin-new condition. They have all been kept in cedar-lined bins or chests, and if I do say it, I tend to have excellent taste so it's nice stuff. There are even some multiple quantities of skeins in there, so check the stock and buy early if you want to get your hands on more than one skein. In a few cases the tags have been lost, apologies, but those yarns have been weighed to make sure all is present and accounted for. A tasting:

The wheel I will be selling locally so I don't have to deal with the nightmare of packing and shipping it, but I will post about that before I put it on Craigslist or whatever, so feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Hooray for yarn!

p.s. If you are local we can likely work out some non-shipping arrangement, so just give me a buzz if you'd like to try that and then you can use the 'local' shipping class -- which means FREE!

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