Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Fibers

Nothing happens very fast around here. I often fantasize about all the work that I might be capable of. Having a baby only emphasizes this tendency; it would be entirely unfair to my offspring for me to blame this slow pace on them. I confess: I have always been this disabled. The last to finish my art projects in school. The slowest to clean my room (because every book out of place had to be re-read before it could make it back to the shelf. I no longer keep books in my room). People could have written entire histories in the time it took me to tie my shoes; they got old and weathered before I made it out the door. My mom used to say I was slower than molasses in January. Come to think, she probably still does. It's not that I dawdle, per se, I can even do some things very quickly, I'm just not a galvanizer. I don't swoop effectively. I get caught up in details. My college boyfriend often said that 'life, the devil, and Vivi are in the details'. Not everyone has been similarly charmed by this trait of mine.

All this is by way of explaining how it is so much time can pass and I can have so little to show for it, which is bad because I have a lot to do. In the meantime, however, let's linger for a bit more on this new little person, here at five days and then one week. With more to come (photos, that is, the days we might allow are a given). The little sweater was made (of course) by Sorren, and that quilt that coordinates so well is big brother's, newly crafted by their grandmother in Maine. I shall have to do a proper quilt post soon, we are awash in them all of a sudden! Ditto the adorable handknits -- I'll try to keep getting photos of them as they roll out of their drawers. Once again, I am humbled by the generosity and productivity of my friends.




Thanks for slowing down with me for a moment!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pip. Squeak.

Another baby photo? Oh, all right. Twist my arm.


Of course this is cheating. This photo is from the exact same day as the last one! I am keeping all the miraculous developments that have occurred since to myself, selfishly, jealously. Not really, I am just too busy gazing in wonder to do anything so terrestrial as bust out the camera.

For someone who is so fresh and new, this little person already has such a distinct character. She is attentive and still in her very brief wakeful periods, even as she exercises and watches the world around her. She does not seem displeased at all to be here, and that, my friends, makes for a very good companion. I am enjoying the heck out of these quiet days and looking forward to our adventures of the future. And I'll catch those little peepers wide open one of these days, and share them with you, too.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Yesterday morning (at 5:22) we made it happen, and our tiny girl, Anaiah, came out to join us. All are well, big brother is a very proud and excited boy, he slept through the whole thing, lucky duck. He woke up to a sunny day and a brand new little sister, and the gravity of his new station in life -- teacher, protector, entertainer. Like I said, he takes his work very seriously.

In this photo she is a mere 15 hours old, taken by my dad when he stopped by to bring vittels and his camera.


We'll be back soon, after a fair number of long naps!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beach Balls are Round

I blithely had assumed that by now I'd have that birthing announcement post and we could all merrily descend into some weeks of watching an infant grow from tiny Magoo into genuine personhood. But. Alas.


This photo is only half a day old, and clearly I stuffed something down my shirt. Or there is not yet a baby to behold. But it allowed me enough time to put a camera into my son's hands, perch him somewhere in our garden where we could be at eye-level with one another, and lovingly harangue coach him in the fine technique of taking a billion photos at a time in hopes that some of them will be in focus. He takes his work very seriously.



This is my illustrative method of indicating approximately how much of the photographer's subject should actually make it into the shot, at least some of the time...though the deviations are of course far more interesting:



For the curious: my sweater was made in China (sigh. I know. I didn't buy it, I swear), and the cowl loveliness was gifted to me by the incomparable Star, following a bout whereby I hinted largely that I would be an appreciative recipient by trying to steal it...it's Plucky, guys, I've told you before that I am weak. And apparently my friends are defenseless, or my unsubtle charms just that winning, whatever the reason I am very lucky to have them around, knitting for me.

Back to photos. It was with renewed vigor that Anatole took to being on the other side of the camera, inspired no doubt by my excellent example.




Also: I love our garden. It has this moss that makes oriental rugs appear chintzy by contrast.


Thanks, friends, I have another post up my sleeve if this baby STILL doesn't show up soon...otherwise, expect miniature scrunched up features in the very near future.