Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

these happy few

Some of my favorite moments from the last few weeks:

Star, modeling our shop's new knitalong, Abi

the beautiful new shawl sticks that we just got into the shop...and are already gone (there are other types by the same crafter, if you care to look, made by Squire Country Crafts -- my boss's parents).

a very quiet moment in a photoshoot with Lo for an upcoming design (in test-knitting, more later).

gratuitous yarn beauty.

and a face that only a mother could love (Karat, that is, with my lovely boss Emily in a recent hush-hush shoot for the shop)

I wish I could share more, but really, things are pretty dull around Casa del Shanks lately, as I prepare myself for a certain wedding by trying to speed knit an enormous sweater in laceweight yarn, thereby requiring that I redo all the math in the pattern.