Wednesday, August 29, 2012

goings on

Summer is winding down. Rats. Just as I was getting my rhythm. But nothing is quite so exciting as the advent of autumn, when the shadows have suddenly shifted, the days are noticeably cooler, and shorter. The air smells different...I love change, I love the seasons, but I love autumn the most and it feels like jumping into a river on a hot day. Oh, and wool. It means more wool, which is a lot to smile about. Here are some other excuses for a smile, and in the spirit of bonhomie I am sharing with you:



Our first eggs! They are still the baby-sized eggs, so cute, three are perfect for two small hands!


In our chicken yard, trying to catch a hen for a photoshoot. It didn't work, by the way, I was too easy to dodge with a baby strapped to me (much to Marcia's relief, the lady who took this photo and who would have been the reluctant holder of hen for said pictures).


Baby peek. Baby peck.
And early morning snuggles. This is Anatole's new favorite application of baby sister.


Oh! And guys, I finally have a portfolio site, thanks to Alex for lighting a fire under my tail since she has a vested interest (be warned to those who want to explore that link, Alex is not shy about her use of blue words) in my having a better place than this blog to send people who are interested in my photography. This is what it looks like if you don't want to bother jumping over to check it out:

It is crazy simple, and my pleasure with it is way out of proportion to its grandeur, but that's probably due to the relief of finally having accomplished the task. Whew. (P.S. I made her write my bio. I should probably change it, but I hate doing those...any more volunteers? It is not at all necessary to mention my language skills. Ahem.)

Big smiles over here, hope you have a bouquet of them as well.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Today our dear girl is two months old. Party!


She now succeeds in those areas that mark her as ours, part of the human tribe. She laughs, cries, gets mad, makes pithy conversation, engages, loves, tests, seeks, sings, and most of all she grows! She has added two inches to her length, and a bit over two pounds. Those features that started out so comically large on her tiny head are now encompassed by a bounty of cheeks and chins. She is delighted by the antics of her big brother, a feeling that is more than reciprocated. She is fascinated by big beards and whimsical sounds, and is yet fearless in water. She floats, enraptured, on her back in the bath and more often is a very tolerant and interested taker of showers. She applies herself to meals with a will and zeal that is arresting to behold, taking to breast or bottle with equal vim. Big brother cannot wait until the day that he can feed her by himself. Best of all, she only cries when she has a good reason to, though it behooves one to watch out when she does. This girl does nothing by halves.


To celebrate today, a story in pictures with her wee mousie, Celeste, that great-Auntie Kristin brought over from France and which is so far the only toy she has any interest in:






Happy day, Little Miss, and no rush with the growing up! You're pretty irresistible just as you are.