Friday, October 12, 2012


What a month. What a summer. What a year! Changes are afoot, my friends. Next week I will be a whole year older than I am now (I hear that's not really how it works, but I refuse to believe it), and embarking on the final year of my third decade. That means it's real, now. It's on: I'm an adult. Whoops. Is this when I'm supposed to stop eating so much butter? No can do, I'm afraid.

But enough about me, plenty of time for these existential meanderings next week. Today is about another little someone, who, I must say, is aging very gracefully.

Happy Four Months, Little Little!




She loves her feet! And who wouldn't, with cashmere blend Tiny Shoes to put on them? These buttons are my favorite. They will have to get recycled onto something else, since these shoes have just about had their run (har), it's getting hard to squeeze those growing feet into them anymore. All knitwear here gifted by the incomparable Star, I can't remember what the sweater pattern will have to go over and ask her.

Anaiah gets told a lot that she looks like her big brother. For comparison's sake, here's Anatole at the same age (with Polaroid!):



Anyhoo, Anaiah loves ::
:: grabbing things and putting them in her mouth (she has gotten downright predatory, watching her sometimes is like watching a chicken go after a fat fly...)
:: smiles. Hers, yours, the world is her oyster, and it's grinning.
:: her big brother.


:: my knees. No joke. They are her juicy fly, it can be a bit disconcerting, but she loves to gum my kneecaps. What up, Little?
:: pretty sounds! Things that make music are the living end!
:: Sophie la girafe
:: food, glorious food! She has had a rather monotonous diet so far and she is ready to experiment. I have to be pretty nimble with my dinner plate, see predatory chicken comment above. She has yet to actually EAT anything, though once I put just the whisper of a drop of my very minty Spry mouthwash on her tongue, ahahaha, it was hilarious. I highly recommend it if you are in a bit of a rut in your day.
:: bouncing up and down. Sorry, 'jumping'. If brother is there to jump, too, it is the best of times.
:: showers, sensible little peapod. (Baths, too, but showers are better.)
:: telling really long stories with apparently no real plot to them. We are working on this.
:: songs about her.
:: doing her calisthenics. She can almost sit up by herself! I tried to take some pictures of this in action:


(she's on my lap, I'm awkwardly trying to hold the camera as far away as possible and point it in the proper direction without dropping anything...she was much safer than my camera throughout this maneuver because she is such a rock star at sitting herself up with a little structural support.)
:: all the other usual stuff, like snuggles and my milk works. She often hums while she nurses, it cracks me up, it's like the chef bustling about the kitchen and humming while crafting her oeuvre.

Sigh. All things good.

Oh, and Anaiah hates ::
:: the car.

Ah well, nobody's perfect. But apparently she is also sometimes a troll when I'm not looking. Which is about as cool as you can get. (also a bug. Anatole came over and put these flowers behind her ears and took the pictures, we laughed ourselves silly when we saw them.)



But most often, this is her, to a T.


Ready to fly.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Tomorrow evening I will be with the Fort Vancouver Knitting Guild to hold forth on a topic very near and dear to my heart:

I wish you all could be there, it always so nice to look out and see friendly, familiar faces in a crowd. This is part of a new course that I will soon be offering at Twisted. It's basically a revamped and extended version of my old DSLR class that will involve more workshopping and hands-on time, and will focus on the use of light as a creative medium and training the eye to find the images you want. The technical aspects of photography I've moved into a shorter workshop, since it was a little much to try to combine both into one class.

Ha, I just noticed that my lazy use of screen shot to grab the above image has included Microsoft's traitorous rendering of the title as a non-word. I have a bit of an overzealous inclination to create words through fusion. Just ask my son. At least at this age he still things such shenanigans are funny.

Speaking of words, I need to go figure out what the heck I'm going to say about all these photos...aren't pictures supposed to be worth a thousand words? In which case, I am allowed some frugality.

Wish me luck!

*** UPDATE: It was so much fun, thanks everyone! The class dates are also set, they will be October 28th and Nov. 4th, 9am-12pm. Contact Twisted for details.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Almost one month overdue. Tsk, tsk. But the photos are from the right time, taken September 11 when she turned Three Months Old! A strange date in history, no doubt, but this time it passed very quietly and contentedly here, thank heavens. These two. They seriously crack me up, and in half, and all over the place. He makes her laugh like nobody else can, which is as it should be. Little girl, we are so happy you came along to liven things up!

In the meantime, I got caught up in making this come together:

I know, another website? Didn't I just finish doing that? Well, yes. But that one was just a quickie, a rush job. Getting my feet wet. This one is bigger, better, stronger. And it's mine all mine:

There are still a couple changes to be made, some pages to add, a logo to put up. But nothing major, I hope to live here for quite some time. Tell your friends, neighbors, kinfolk and coworkers that I very dearly want to take their pictures, and let the games begin!