Friday, April 19, 2013

Favorite Things: Six

{Part of a Friday series with AlexStar and Lee that celebrates our power to discern, discriminate, decide and declare. Please join us in the comments or on your own site if you have a few favorites, too.}

Egads, here I am piling Fridays on top of each other again! All that time out pickin' daisies really adds up...

Favorite Old Movie (pre-1965)

:: Classic movies are my favorite, there is so much edgy wit and and exploration of subjects combined with totally outrageously camp and innocence that it's hard for me to pin down whether we are more or less sophisticated in our current time. I think probably people remain people, with much the same joys and foibles and delights. I love many many movies of early Hollywood, but there is in all of them a shining star, one outstanding genius:

(By the way, how great is that storytelling font?!) If you haven't seen this movie in its entirety, do so. Right now.

Favorite Children's Book

:: Gee whiz, kids. Chances are you haven't heard of this one, it's out of print and hard to find and (apparently) now worth quite a bundle, as I found out one day when I set out to buy a copy of my own. This book was my mom's when she was little, which she shared with us when we were little. Supposing, by Alastair Reid. In it a little boy supposes a bunch of things, the kind of things that kids young and old are always supposing. A small tour:

"SUPPOSING I were an old professor who knew a very ancient language and people made fun of me, and some men digging in the desert found a big flat stone with funny writing on it and they asked in the papers if anyone knew what it was and I went down there and read the stone to myself and saw that it told how to vanish, and people noticed me smiling and made a fuss over me to find out what it said and I read out to them a recipe for old soup, and vanished...

SUPPOSING I had fur instead of skin..." 
"SUPPOSING I looked in the mirror one day and saw someone who wasn't me at all and I said Who are you? and he said Mr. Endicott...

SUPPOSING I were bald..."

"SUPPOSING a very beautiful lady fell in love with me and wanted me to marry her but I just yawned and said Maybe...

SUPPOSING I went on television answering questions and there was one question which nobody could answer and I knew the answer but instead of saying it I just burped..."

"SUPPOSING I stole old hair from a barber and sent it in parcels to people I didn't like..."

"SUPPOSING I had a twin brother but we never told anyone and only went to school half the time each..."

"SUPPOSING I told an inquisitive woman on the train that I was an orphan and had no home and when I got off the train and went over to where our house was, there was nothing but trees and nobody had ever heard of me..."

"SUPPOSING I had a great house with valuable paintings and furniture and things and I came home one day and it was all blazing and burned down and people came rushing up to me crying and being sorry for me but I just laughed and took off my clothes and threw them into the fire..."


  1. Supposing looks fantastic, what an odd little book. my faves for this week are still in the works; was it as difficult for you to pick a book as it will be for me?

    1. Impossible, really, just pick one that you love and go with it before you can start second-guessing yourself. There is no way to have just one, really.