Friday, April 5, 2013

Favorite Things: Four

{Part of a Friday series with Alex, Star and Lee that celebrates our power to discern, discriminate, decide and declare. Please join us in the comments or on your own site if you have a few favorites, too.}

I was hoping that for this week's, at least, I'd succeed in taking my own photos since the categories are easy. But instead I've been swamped by the Apocalypse, I'm afraid, so a-borrowing I must go.


:: If nothing else, this exercise is very telling in one respect: I am a person of extremely simple pleasures. Especially when it comes to my favorite food. I define this as the food that I am most likely to seek out and enjoy when in the mood for a Little Something (as Pooh would say). The dish I will eat when I am too lazy to cook, simple treat and light snack rolled into one, and that's easy. Brown Cow plain cream-top yogurt with raw (preferably crystallized) honey. It's the textures as much as the tastes. First a rounded spoonful of the honey, spread along the inside of the bowl with the back of the spoon (this is important, since crystallized honey does not pour or drip or anything helpful like that, so adding it after makes for a very dissatisfactory experience). Then the yogurt (unstirred!), carved out of the cream top with the corresponding underneath section. The result is very near perfection -- slightly tangy, sweet, with the coolness of the yogurt balanced by bits of the cream section and slightly toothsome grain of the honey. Ah! Drat it all, I've run out, so after all that I can't even go and make myself some.

French lavender honey is the best, hold the blackberries, though. (


:: My favorite-drink-other-than-water (because, obviously, not dying) is still pathetically tame. For everyday I choose herbal tea (yawn) -- anything that doesn't involve dried citrus or the peppermint family. I drink tea every morning, it's my love of hot water in its internal application.

A slightly racier answer is brandy (whoa there, Nelly). I'm going to go ahead and lump cognac into the same general section. Sweet without being at all cloying, a bit of bite, aromatic and warm. Yes, please.

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