Saturday, April 2, 2011

eyes only no longer!

Whew, a little bit of those Top Secret, Eyes Only photos are available for release! Some weeks ago I had the great good fortune to take some pictures for my neighbor Jen Hurley of Rainy Day Knits. She has created a lovely and whimsical set of Stained Glass Bubble accessories based around an ingenious stitch pattern, the latest being these mitts:



(many thanks to Lo, as always, for being such a smashing model)

Jen has crunched all the numbers for you, so these mitts come in a full array of sizes, from wee to manly, and every shade of grey in between. They were so much fun to take pictures of, all those little brightly colored bubbles of wool!


If you want to check these out, and her other great patterns, head on over to Ravelry and show her some love! In the meantime, I have massive amounts of editing to do, and some more exciting shoots, and someday, my lovelies, I'll get to share it all with you.

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