Friday, June 15, 2012

Pip. Squeak.

Another baby photo? Oh, all right. Twist my arm.


Of course this is cheating. This photo is from the exact same day as the last one! I am keeping all the miraculous developments that have occurred since to myself, selfishly, jealously. Not really, I am just too busy gazing in wonder to do anything so terrestrial as bust out the camera.

For someone who is so fresh and new, this little person already has such a distinct character. She is attentive and still in her very brief wakeful periods, even as she exercises and watches the world around her. She does not seem displeased at all to be here, and that, my friends, makes for a very good companion. I am enjoying the heck out of these quiet days and looking forward to our adventures of the future. And I'll catch those little peepers wide open one of these days, and share them with you, too.


  1. Keep them coming. This is excellent motivation for the final push, so to speak. I get one of those at the end? Okay!

  2. Oh, lady, I'm thinking of you every day! We will have to have a baby party when all have made their debuts. Get that lovely quilt finished, I'm sure it'll work a treat!

  3. She looks like her brother. :-) Hope you are all doing great!