Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Fibers

Nothing happens very fast around here. I often fantasize about all the work that I might be capable of. Having a baby only emphasizes this tendency; it would be entirely unfair to my offspring for me to blame this slow pace on them. I confess: I have always been this disabled. The last to finish my art projects in school. The slowest to clean my room (because every book out of place had to be re-read before it could make it back to the shelf. I no longer keep books in my room). People could have written entire histories in the time it took me to tie my shoes; they got old and weathered before I made it out the door. My mom used to say I was slower than molasses in January. Come to think, she probably still does. It's not that I dawdle, per se, I can even do some things very quickly, I'm just not a galvanizer. I don't swoop effectively. I get caught up in details. My college boyfriend often said that 'life, the devil, and Vivi are in the details'. Not everyone has been similarly charmed by this trait of mine.

All this is by way of explaining how it is so much time can pass and I can have so little to show for it, which is bad because I have a lot to do. In the meantime, however, let's linger for a bit more on this new little person, here at five days and then one week. With more to come (photos, that is, the days we might allow are a given). The little sweater was made (of course) by Sorren, and that quilt that coordinates so well is big brother's, newly crafted by their grandmother in Maine. I shall have to do a proper quilt post soon, we are awash in them all of a sudden! Ditto the adorable handknits -- I'll try to keep getting photos of them as they roll out of their drawers. Once again, I am humbled by the generosity and productivity of my friends.




Thanks for slowing down with me for a moment!

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