Thursday, June 13, 2013


It is coming.





The book, that is! I am now finally allowed to give you a little glimpse from this gem, and I'm excited to be bringing you the news. I think you might really find something to love in these pages, that Alex Tinsley - she's a winner. I can only show you what she has shown you on her blog already (can't give away the whole farm now, can we), but I've chosen some photos that didn't make it into the book just for variety.


These patterns cover quite a range, head to toe, and as advertised it also covers a range of locations. If I keep talking about it I'll be tempted to show you more, so I'll leave off here. Make sure you go give Alex some love (better yet, buy her book!) since these kinds of projects take a lot of time and money and effort and I'd love to see it give back to her a bit.


  1. I love this sneaky peek! It looks like you also had some fun at the shoot(s) - good on everyone.