Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Happy Birthday, Little.

IMG_4698 copy

This day was, inevitably, full of remembrances of this short sweet year. Of this person who has been my constant companion these 365 days. I wish I could do it again, I wouldn't change a thing.



From the beginning, Anaiah has been such an excellent companion. To think that in twelve months she has grown into this walking, talking, affectionate, hilarious little person, as if by magic. She loves to read, that is my most frequent request. But when I am busy, she reads to herself and has started putting her books away when she is done with them. Her favorite food -- and my favorite word of hers -- is 'Cheese!' You have to imagine what it would sound like if a very excitable mouse were saying it. Cheese! Her other favorite food is strawberries, though there is a whole world of berries to discover now, so she may yet join me in the raspberry camp.














She has started just running up to me and hugging me spontaneously about the calves (small person!), not at all in a begging-to-be-picked-up way, but just because hugs are worth the trip. I used to think that I was the luckiest person in the world, but now I know how much luckier I am than before, with two such sweet and endearing children. Ever since this day a year ago when she arrived with the dawn, each new day has been full of wonder, something to look forward to. In a time when so many other external powers in my life could have been overwhelming, we have contentedly whelmed.

Not to say there aren't those moments...when luck looks much more like a silent and empty room and a clock that never moves, and perhaps some cool and refreshing beverage...but we need those for contrast, to add shadow to the light to see the true shape of the thing. Which is lovely.

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Fly on, Little Lark, with all my love.

Not to fear, this blog will still be full of the small people, just not on a scheduled basis. I didn't intend exactly to start this project until I already had, and it turns out to have been the only one that I've stuck to (ahem, Favorite Things, I'll get back to you eventually). Thank you for growing with us each month!


  1. Happy birthday Anaiah!! She is totally workin' that last shawl.

    1. Oh, she is a stylish girl, she takes her clothes very seriously. You should see the flickr set of those, when she was wearing a coat -- not that it was THAT cold, mind, she just wanted to walk around in her coat for a bit.