Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Don't forget the weather

There is a lot of famous sniveling about the weather here in the the PNW, and it's a matter of pride with me that I indulge as little as possible in similar griping. There's a reason we call it 'Oregon Sunshine'. I remember many occasions of openly sneering at people in my disaffected youth, watching them walk by under the protection of an umbrella whilst I stood staunchly and righteously dripping in my wool sweater and bare head. Wimps, we'd say. Or, worse yet, Californians, we'd hiss. I have, I am happy to say, matured into some greater tolerance and wisdom, and have even partaken of this umbrella creation from time to time. But the fact remains that a) a true Oregonian does nay shy away from a bit of a dampening (perhaps we are partially amphibious, we breathe better when wet), and b) an umbrella is a lot to juggle with a six-year-old, an infant, a ginormous shoulder bag and a load of groceries when crossing the street. Just sayin'.

But it still behooves one to be prepared. Ditch the brolly, or as the francophones have it, Parapluie. Enter the Parapluie Hat.




Bedecked with its own (hopefully charming) take on raindrops and outfitted with an extra snug brim for foiling those ill winds, this hat has you covered. And since I have acquired by magic over the last couple of years quite a quantity of hair (2.5 years ago), I like a hat with some room in it, which this one has in spades. This pattern was originally designed for Twisted's Mad About Tosh club and became open to the general public in November. Then it sat around on my computer, waiting. And waiting. And waiiiiiting for me to remember to publish it already. And then finally I did. Yay! Here you go.

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