Monday, December 17, 2012


I've been meaning to tell you that couple weeks ago my big brother left for Sierra Leone, or 'Salone', as the natives call it. (Link to map and info just in case you're not *quite* sure which country that is...). He is there under the auspices of the Village Bicycle Project for a year, and the good news for us here is that he is blogging about it:

He has a knack for expressing the pith of the matter that I think you may enjoy, it's a country with a fascinating history. Please go check it out, and since he is providing for his own living expenses while there, donate a bit if the spirit moves you. As you will read, he can live quite cheaply, so even the smallest amounts are helpful.

I'm very excited for him, and jealous since Africa has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid and read Beryl Markham's 'West With the Night'. (I highly recommend the read if you have ever had any interest in Africa, racehorses, bush piloting, adventuring, or exciting tales. I mean, who isn't?)

Good luck, big brother, and happy adventuring!

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  1. I'll clink a glass with you over West with the Night! A long-time favorite of mine, too. Good for Chris, and all the best to him in doing this good work!