Sunday, June 12, 2011

the new class

I had another DSLR photo class! These are the most fun ever, guys, seriously. If you're in the area and have a spare few hours some time and have been wanting to explore all the magic that awaits you in your camera, come play with us! This time the weather was so lovely that we got to spend most of the class outside, exploring all kinds of things in our neighborhood, and they dressed me up and posed me like their own little doll in their handmade items as well. The ones of me here were taken by Sivia in some new creations of hers that I understand will be coming out soon to a pdf-download near you! Both she and Judy took some very lovely flower and nature pics as well, enjoy! {I would give individual photo credits, but alas, to my undying shame, I cannot remember with perfect accuracy who took what pictures!}








Kudos to Sivia, Judy and Karie (whose photos I didn't get to snatch up, but rest assured that they were beautiful as well), and thank you for all the fun exploring!


  1. Ooh! How does one join in the photo fun?

  2. the class schedule is on Twisted's website (, there are two photos classes, a basic digital and a DSLR. there is a basic one coming up in July, and i think we'll try to add another DSLR before the summer is out.