Thursday, June 2, 2011

i was there

My friends Alex and Travis got hitched last weekend! It was such a good party, and they even let me fly across the country to make a darn fool of myself all over their dance floor. I had more fun than anybody, almost guaranteed! Michigan is one of those places I never really expected to go, but I'm so glad I did. And no, I did not finish my sweater in time, but I didn't need it after all. And now I have yet another mostly-completed sweater sitting around in a project bag! Hooray! On to the pictures. I did not take very many of them, Alex was rightfully indignant every time I left my camera at home. Fortunately she knows of my lameness and hired a professional to document the occasion, if you want to see those lovely photos, go here.

But I did manage to snap some off while we were setting up, before all the pomp and circumstance. These are some of the lovely centerpieces that my talented friend put together. I loves her!

centerpiece mosaic

And a few of themselves, being the dozens of ways they are adorable in their hometown of Chelsea.






Thank you guys! I miss you and I still haven't forgiven you for moving so far away, but such a glorious vacation goes a long way towards mollifying me. You are the lovely, the awesome, and the happy. Have such wonderful lives!

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  1. I'm so glad you came! Even if you didn't take many pictures ;-) Your table shots are super nice though. You should do weddings, I think you'd excel.