Wednesday, March 16, 2011

put a bird on it!

Portland has been making the news lately, nay, it's been making it to the silver screen (and, well, the plasma screen more often). An increasing number of producers and movie houses have been choosing Portland locations for their movies, and now we have our very own show. Or a show about us, as seen through the eyes of outsiders. Just for being our own selves, which I think is kinda cool, and it's the mark of the Portlander that those things that make us most absurd (like taking locally sourced food to the extreme, as well as our cycling rights) also make us the most proud. Including our love of all things that have birds. Flocks of birds are even better.


I may have mentioned before that I do the windows at Twisted, and my bosses said birds so I gave us some birds! In migration


because after all, it is


So I say to the cynics out there, watching us through the lens of Portlandia and perhaps sneering at our somewhat twee sense of kitsch: don't hate, and put a bird on it!

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