Saturday, February 19, 2011

mass communicating!

A couple weeks ago my friend (and boss) Emily asked me to be a guest on the internet radio show she co-hosts called "Knit Happens". It was great fun, I've never been on radio before, so much more civilized than television...but I digress. I had my family and close friends vet the resulting show and was adequately assured that I don't sound like the blooming idiot that I hear when I listen, so I bare my soul and offer it here to share:

Listen Now!

Enjoy, and be kind! On a related note I do have a class coming up at Twisted that deals specifically with becoming acquainted with your big fancy DSLR camera, and there is space! Sign up if you wish you could wield the beastie a little better, we always have a blast.

And soon I will have a post about my fabulous madcap adventures in Tacoma at the Madrona Fiber Festival...stay tuned!

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