Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Albatross

I said to myself some weeks back that it was high time I spin up a laceweight yarn. For kicks, you know, and the satisfaction of it. Some people do this all the time, and I now believe that they are sadists because it is a bit of a slog, I tell you what. Maybe I'm not doing it right (hail to the self-taught crafters) but this humble little skein probably took about fifteen hours to squeeze out (perhaps I exaggerate just a skosh) and that's not including the many hours I spent ignoring and avoiding its heathen self. So I'm calling it The Albatross, but even for all that, I am very satisfied with it because this skein has some serious squish.

That right there is almost 1000 yards (985 for those with hair splitters), and it has a companion mini-skein of 188 yards because I plied it up until my bobbin literally could not turn any more under the duress of so. much. yarn.

I've had a bit of a spinning frenzy in the resulting void left by this yarn's absence, and I'm pleased to say that many more yarns will be making their debut to the shop this week. I'm not going to make you suffer through an exegesis here, just head on over and see them soon.

But before I go, look! I dyed! (nyar-de-har, I never tire of that threadbare pun.)



Carrie of Big Alice Dyes had Sorren and me over for a very generous dyeing tutorial and holy rusted rocks, batman, this is some crazy fun stuff. While I am clearly in some sort of a Green Period, we have big ambitions to start doing this for serious reals and spinning up and selling our very own roving in all colors of the rainbow...we're trying to come up with a good marriage of our names, Spindleshanks and Puddlefish. My vote is on Spindlefish, any other bright ideas?


  1. Beeeauteous! I am trapped in a period of half-moved, no-hot-water, two-dogs-who-really-don't-want-to-be-separated-but-one-just-had-surgery-so-they-have-to-be uselessness. :-P Yeah, two. I'll explain later. They're cute though.

    "Spindlefish" is kinda too close to "Patternfish".... Puddleshanks!

  2. wow, you don't mess around, girl. i thought of Puddleshanks, but it really says nothing about knitting or spinning in the slightest, and may even have some unpleasant connotations...what about Spindlefish & Puddleshanks! or, for that matter (sigh) Puddlefish & Spindleshanks. the other yarns that i made are way more beautiful, just not as impressively labor-intensive.