Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh, wool is me


As promised, some new yarns for squeezing. These are all at Twisted, but soon, soon my dearlings, I will have more choices for the buying. And maybe even more kinds of things to buy! Goodness gracious, I could do this all day long.

Jane Austen
"Jane Austen," an aran weight merino 2-Ply

Cauldron Born
"Cauldron Born," everything under the sun is in this yarn. Alex gave me a crazy batt for my birthday (sorry, no before pictures) that was a riot to spin up, then I plied half of it with silk and the other half with alpaca. It's actually super pretty in real life, doesn't translate well to photographs at all.

Acid Test
"Acid Test," a very toothsome, chunky merino. This one and Jane Austen were originally going to be plied together, but then I had a change of heart. But a glimpse of them as singles, all the same:


Trout Tickling
"Trout Tickling," BFL light worsted. Another one that is so much better in real life, with this deep, subtle rainbow quality and that famous BFL luster.

At this rate, I'm going to burn through my fiber stash in pretty short measure, I get pretty obsessive about spinning. Good thing I have a plan...more on that later, I hope! Until then, happy November!


  1. Yay crazy batt! I just put my wheel back together, successfully, even. And Travis used his man-powers to screw it together properly so it doesn't wiggle anymore! I'm not sure why I didn't have him do that a long time ago.

  2. hooray for man powers! and hooray for spinning!