Wednesday, June 11, 2014


It is June again, so soon! And on this day, two years ago, with the rising of the sun and the birds, our girl joined us. Happiest of birthdays, little darling, my lady of inimitable style and staunch independence, my tiny snuggler and dancer and hum-singer. Your flashes of temper and placid expanses of concentration are a continuing source of wonder and amusement and no small amount of respect for me, as are your clever little hands that love to be doing. A knitter in the making, I think. My garden girl who believes with stout-hearted infallibility that outside is better than in, that places are meant to be gone to, but that having backup is always best when encountering the unknown. My leaper and strong jumper, my climber and risk-taker, I think it will be you giving to me all the grey hairs I gave my own mother. Thank you so much for being here and pointing out all the things I missed.

Sweet new bunny made by Auntie Sorren, whose own girl baby was born yesterday, hooray!

Nobody rocks the underpants hat like this one. She didn't even have to think twice, it was instinct told her to what immediate use these should be put.

With all my love, for another lovely year,


  1. Sweet Jesus, she looks like her brother! I can't believe she's 2 already. AHHH! And if you tell me that JTT-in-the-90's-looking-preteen over there IS her brother I'm gonna lose it.

  2. Haha! Nah, that's Eli, Anatole's friend. Man, I'd forgotten about JTT.