Saturday, February 1, 2014

Family, in monochrome.

Taking photos of people is often a bit like stepping into their lives, and this is almost always a really good thing. This last fall I got the chance to meet some very lovely people, tour their beautiful homes, and take pictures of their families. It is such a privilege to be welcomed like that, and to witness the care people have for each other. I'll share a few of these sessions with you in the coming weeks (have to stretch these things out), starting with this foursome. I took everything in color, I should add, but black and white is where my heart really lies, and I never get to use it for the knitting work, so I'm going to indulge myself for a bit.

The real danger is wanting to immediately adopt everyone I meet, invite them over for dinner and set their children up to be friends with my children. People want to have photographs to tie their memories to, and to share those memories with others, and all the photos I take become a part of a collective memory that far outlives the often transient relationships I get to form with my subjects. Thank you, Tinsel Family, for an unforgettable autumn afternoon!

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