Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From the archives

I keep meaning to get some sort of photojournal thing started. You know, the kind of thing where I shamelessly display the photos I take for people, but it gets tricky because a lot of them have their own release dates that exist far in the future...and to keep track of all that would require a level of organization heretofore unseen in my business life. We're working on it. But here's the rub, guys, I get really excited about this work, it makes me tick, it pushes the right buttons, it floats my boat. So I am going to try harder.

What I love most about this work is the people, far and away. I go weak in the knees over good textiles and magical lighting, I grant you, but it's these people, these brilliant and generous and hard-working people that warm the cockles of my heart. Take Hannah:

If you are thinking that she looks like the kind of person you'd like to share studio space and possibly a few secrets with, you're right. And she has made (with her husband) the most lovely home, really a photographer's dream, and in that home she is crafting some truly phenomenal things. But don't take my word for it, go see for yourself.

A few months ago, Alex encouraged me to offer my services to the contestants on Skacel's The Fiber Factor Challenge. Most of my good ideas are actually Alex's good ideas (thanks, love!), so I did, and Jennette Cross took a chance and hired me. To say I was honored is an insipid simplification, I very much hope that I did her proud.

And, oh golly, I have thousands upon thousands of pictures of beautiful things and people. Sounds like it's time to make this a regular thing. Until the next time, then.


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