Wednesday, March 6, 2013


A couple more photos nabbed in the midst of shoots for others. 

Windows like this make me wish I did something sensible for a job, investment banking or real estate or whatever it is that makes people enough money that they can buy the house they want just for the windows. Perhaps I'm not expressing myself well, but I have a visceral attachment to beautiful windows, they instantly show me the center of myself. 


This next was one of those surprise shots that I had no idea I was going to like until I saw it on my computer. I love the tree that she is standing under (that you can see approximately 0.02% of) but I was totally enervated by the backgrounds from all angles. I took this shot to see if I could finagle a view that didn't give me cars, buildings, industrial complexes or horrid train yards shouldering in and stealing all my artistic thunder, decided it was a lost cause and moved on. Got home, saw it, and went, Oh, not so bad after all. Too bad I wasn't really paying attention to her, and awkwardly cut off her feet.


In other news: with each passing day, Casa del Aubrey is getting exponentially more excited for our end-of-the-month Alex spree! I mean book photoshoots. But I would undertake many things much less glamorous just to hang out with my gloriously hilarious, smart, talented, hard-working, devious, dedicated homebody, hundred-pounds-when-she's-soaking-wet lovely friend. Can't wait until you join us under our leaky grey skies!

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  1. You are far too sweet and I can't wait to see you and your flock! (And that IS a very lovely window, where is that?)