Monday, February 4, 2013



A few years (!) ago, I wanted to make this cowl. Before I had even learned of the ombre rage that was sweeping the internet, I wanted a cowl that merged the colors of this yarn that I had just bought:


It's Black Trillium's BFL sock, and I have long since lost the tags so I can't even tell you the colors with much authority. So I made up this cowl, and had it test knitted in a four color version and took photos and then...dropped it. I fell out of love with it all of a sudden, I think because I had stared at the dang thing too much (a common problem with my work), and also I made the mistake of using BFL, which my eyes love but my skin does not. So I wadded it up and stuck it under my mountain of softer neckwear and then actually completely forgot about it until I was putting together that hat pattern the other day to publish. Then I saw the folder labeled 'Patina', and the light went back on. I opened it up and thought, Oh, pretty!


It's still sad that I cannot wear it myself until I make a new one, but I went ahead and put the finishing touches on the pattern to get it out there in the world for anyone else who wants to have a go. Just remember the limitations of your own tender skin, and you should be fine.


You can pick up the pdf for yourselves here for $3.50:

Also, this must be some kind of record around these parts for posts that not only feature knitwear but MY knitwear. Don't get used to it, there is no way I can maintain this breakneck pace. Just enjoy the ride with me while it lasts.

** EDIT: it turns out that I was a good little kitten and included the colors on my Ravelry projects page for the blue version -- Honey, Bumblebee and Dark Horse. Let that be a lesson, kiddies, to be like me and always write this stuff down somewhere indelible so that you, too, can totally look less dudley than you are.

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  1. Pretty pretty!!! I have the same problem with BFL but damned if it doesn't look gorgeous.