Saturday, July 21, 2012

the bees' knees

Hold on to your jaws, folks, I actually have some wool to talk about.
A year ago I was here (psst, it's Australia):



Sigh. It was pretty great. And when I wasn't working or riding horses or eating ridiculously delicious (and expensive) food, I was also designing these for one of Twisted's clubs:



The honeycomb cables in these mittens were initially inspired by the Wheat Heather colorway of Imperial Stock Ranch's soft and sheepy Columbia yarn. Their name, Apis Mellifera, is the scientific moniker of the western honeybee. It is also the root of my mom's name, Melissa (honeybee). So these mittens are a tribute to one of my favorite yarns, my favorite month of the year (October, when I was born and when this pattern was originally published), and the woman who brought me into this world and taught me to love our honeybees.

These mitts have almost nothing to do with anything right now, other than that summer is a great time to knit the small accessories you will need to make it through the chillier months of the year, and I just realized I plumb forgot to share them here. Also, I dearly wanted to post about something other than my adorable children, just for a moment, for those of you who have been snoring in the wings all this time. If you want to check out this pattern for yourselves, you can head into Twisted, over to Ravelry, or just click right here:

Or just enjoy some pictures here for a minute of my sweet friend Star and one of her favorite color combinations -- gold and grey.



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