Monday, August 29, 2011


Sorry for the hiatus, I fell into a pit on the east coast.


Well, mostly it was a lot of water, and sunlight. I may have a few more pictures, I'll have to go and check sometime. But really, we just had a heckuva lot of fun, with nary a picture in sight.


  1. Poor prison-Vivian.

    Seriously though, does your camera just put perfect vignettes around everything by itself or do you have to DO something? I'm getting Canon jealousy.

  2. All I did was convert to black and white (well, and crop to make it more of a classic shape), but the vignetting here is caused by the actual shadows in the cell. Pretty perfect, huh? But I think my lens/camera does tend to accent these things a tad more than yours does...maybe?

  3. Best. Picture. Of you. Ever.

    Miss you already... <3

  4. Hrm. You like me behind bars, do you?