Thursday, July 28, 2011

the little red sweater

Whew folks, I am on my way home. I won't tell you how long it takes, start to finish, suffice to say that there's plenty of time for me to stop in and talk about my new sweater:


Kerrera! I made a couple modifications, leaving off the hood (I never wear them and I didn't have enough yarn anyway).


and putting buttons all the way down since the flyaway look is super trendy but a bit breezy.


And I made sewn button loops instead of crocheted, and backed the buttons with buttons since the double garter is a bit flimsy.


(plus, I love buttons and doing this meant that I got to use two of my very favorite ones!)

I finished the sweater (sans buttons) the day before I left for Australia, and I have worn it all day, every day since. I am so glad that I made the trip on many levels, not least because it meant I found some wintertime to appreciate this sweater in. It fits perfectly, the style is so easy and elegant, Gudrun is a genius. 'Nuff said. Thanks to my dad for taking pictures on our last day down under!


  1. Oh how I covet. It is quite scrumptious.

    In other news, I sent you a package!

  2. I've already gushed all over this sweater, so it just remains to be said that I blame you personally for the way I fell down and swiped my credit card at the Plucky Knitter booth with a de-hooded Kerrera's worth of yarn on the line...

  3. As well you should, you will not regret it! That yarn is well worth the falling down for, indeed.

  4. I have plans for Kerrera in DIC Classy colorway In Vino Veritas. With full buttons. That would look so much like yours. I knew I liked you and your style!