Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello, World

At a certain point, it becomes as much about the shame of not having posted as it is the cornucopia of very real and/or made-up excuses. And then you just kind of relax into the habit of not doing, and before you know it you can't really even find the dang thing underneath the piles of detritus that accumulate in a way that makes viruses look lazy. The Blog, that is. But I am on a mission, people, so I am dusting the thing off, checking its teeth, and trying to start again.



It was about nine months ago that I really had much to say here. A thing or two has happened, not much of it having anything to do with the fiber arts, other than the photographing of. Plus some other photographing, which will help with the story, like a highlight reel.

Some dear friends of mine wedded and I took their pictures, along with Lee, which was an honor and a boatload of work (respect to all wedding photographers out there, heavens, it is intense!) and a lot of fun all at once.

  DSC_1047bw copyIMG_8055 copy DSC_2009 copy IMG_1058 copy

My grandmother passed, swiftly and peacefully, after a sudden cancer diagnosis. It was a privilege to be with her through that process, and in many ways a blessing to know that it was time to say goodbye.

 I turned twenty-eight and took the day off to bask in some autumn sunshine by a river and hang out with a horse (who is, alas, no longer whinnying with us) and my family.


I took the class photos for my son's school, which has the good sense to do these things the slow-food way, with care and attention, so that it becomes a process of some weeks or months of trying to blend into the classrooms and playground to catch the creatures in their natural habitat. Every moment of this was such a pleasure. (I have intentionally included pictures here that are not fully facing so that other peoples' children aren't just running wild all over my blog.)

  Sabine2Phoebe1 Brave1bw Anatole3bw

This last, of course, being my own child. Who, incidentally, was a peregrine falcon for halloween and then later turned five (!) and then lost a tooth and grew a bunch of decidedly un-babyish limbs and ideas to match.

  IMG_0798IMG_3809 IMG_3807

I took hundreds of photos for other peoples' knitwear designs, and was reminded each time how very much I enjoy doing that (thanks to all of you talented people who trust me to do justice to your creations!).

  IMG_2817IMG_2906 IMG_3000 IMG_2740 IMG_2494 IMG_1573 IMG_1880

And in the meantime my life came asunder in some of those classic ways that it does, and I moved twice and restructured then restructured again and other things became a bit of a blur for a while. But here we are now, and it's no small wonder that there has been so much silence coming out of these tubes or airwaves or whatever it is that makes this thing tick. It is also no coincidence that it has taken almost exactly nine months to resolve, because, with one thing and another, I've been busy.


 So Hello, World. From me and this entirely new little person who will have so much to greet and learn and time to grow. See you around!